Thursday, July 30, 2009

Preview of Ava's photoshoot!

Ava had her first photoshoot yesterday!
She did so good! There are more to come!
This is just a preview that the photographer
is letting me see! My sweet angel is 5 weeks old!
She also had a well baby check up yesterday.
She is weighing in at 11lbs 2oz and is 22" long.
She is already wearing her 3 months clothes!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ava's visitors!

You know you would think I would have lots of time to update the blog.. LOL!! But Ava has been keeping me pretty busy. Over the past few weeks my daddy, Leighton, and GiGi (my mother in-law) have all been to see her. My dad and Leighton stayed for 4 days. My dad could not get over how small she was. Leighton was really good with her. He just loved on her the whole time he was here. It was so hard letting my mom go. She was here for 2 1/2 weeks with us. She was fantastic. She cleaned, cooked, went grocery shopping for me, and helped me take care of Ava. GiGi was here this past week! We were all so excited to see her. I think Ava and I did more this past week with GiGi then we have since Ava was born. We went shopping and out to eat like everyday! GiGi also gave me and Lance a date night! She was pushing us out the door... Lance and I went to eat and to see a movie. We went and saw "The Hangover" and oh my gosh did we laugh! It was really good, we loved it!! PawPaw didn't get to make the trip, but we will see him soon at the beach! PawPaw we can't wait to see YOU!! Ava also turned one month old yesterday! I can not believe she has already been in my life for a month! Time really does fly! She is growing everyday and is doing really good! She is only waking up about once and night. We go back to the doctor this week for another weight check-up. Last time we were there she was weighing in at 9lbs 8oz. She has already out grown most of her newborn clothes! I know when we go to the doctor this week she will have gained more weight and I know she has gotten so much longer. I think she is going to take after her daddy and be tall. Well I hope everyone is doing well. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! Next weekend we will be in Naples for my mom's 50th birthday!! She is having a huge party! We are so excited to celebrate with her.

Ava 1 month old
GiGi and Ava
Leighton and Ava
PaPa and Ava

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pictures of Ava

Ava's First....

Ava had a lot of "first" this week and half.... We tought we would share!!

We had a busy first few weeks. The first 2 pics is us at the doctor for the first time. It was just a check up to see how her weight was and to see if she had grown any. When we left the hopital we weighed 7lbs 7oz... at the doctor we weighed 8lbs 7oz!! Ava gained a whole pound!! The doctor was very excited about that. She has also grown 1/2 an inch. The next 2 pics are us on our first outing. We went to lunch at Beef O Brady's. After lunch we went to Lance's work to show her off!!! Everyone thought she was so cute in her outfit and bonnet. Cali and Ben meet Ava for the first time too. Well, they met her when she got home but they wouldn't get close to her. These pictures are the first time they got close enough for me to take a picture. Brady is still so jealous he won't really get near her, so we don't have a picture of them yet. The next first we had was our first bottle feeding. I was really upset about this one. Breast feeding is going so well but this was a bad night. We decided to give her a bottle of my breast milk. She was up every hour on the hour. I was so tired I just could not do it. Since then we are doing great and no more bottles!! That was just a rough night. The last picture is of Ava's first real bath. Her cord finally fell off so me and YaYa gave her a bath. She seemed to really love the warm water. It relaxed her so much that she tee-tee and pooped all over me.. LOL! guess its just one of those things that happens. Tomorrow Ava is 2 weeks old. I can't believe it!! Her Papa and uncle Leighton are on there way now to meet miss Ava for the first time.

4th of July weekend

We spent the weekend in Naples at my parents house. It was nice just to get away for a bit. We cooked out BBQ and laid by the pool all day Saturday. We were worried it would rain the whole time, but the sun finally came out and we had a really good time. Mom made some awesome dips to snack on and we made "real" pina colada's!! Ava slept most of the day. We did put her in her swimsuit and her shades that my mom got her. She looked so adorable. The sun-glasses are a little big but still so cute! Here are some pictures from the weekend!! I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!!!