Monday, April 27, 2009


Today is my 27th birthday. I wanted to thank everyone for all there birthday wishes. It has been a great day so far. I wish my hubby was here to spend it with me, but I will see him on Thursday. Today I shared with Lance that I had started a blog, he is so cute and jumped right into it. I was really surprised!! As you can see below he already posted pictures of Ava's room. He is so proud of it, and he should be!! They all put so much work into it!! I love it! As he stated he only posted pictures of the part him, Guy, and Mr. Barry did. I thought it would be nice to show all the hard work me, my mom, and Ms. Stephanie put into the room!!

Here is Ava's room all pretty in pink and decorated! I just have to get a mirror to go above the changing dresser and we have ordered letters with her name to go above the bed. After that it will all be complete! The sign on her door was painted by my friend Audra, she is in x-ray school with me. She did such an awesome job on it.

Ava's nursery

So since Kristin decided to start this blog for us I decided to post the pictures of Ava's nursery that my dad, Guy, and me all put effort into in order to get it finished! These pics do not have all the decorations that Mom, Kristin, and Rhonda all put up in the room but that was not the guys part lol!

Standing in her door.

Here you can see the furniture
we all helped finish (mostly Guy
then Dad put the finishing touches on it)

Ava's baby bed Dad and I put together

They turned out great thanks to Dad!

Work in progress for the stripes

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Starting a blog finally...

Hello everyone!!! I have been meaning to start one of these forever. My cousin Heather was kind of enough to help me get started. So everyone please be patient as I am still figuring this all out. This weekend I am currently in Greenville, MS visiting Heather, Jonathan and sweet baby Jackson. He is helping me get ready for Ava's arrival. He is so adorable and such a good baby. I am now currently 31 weeks pregnant. Over Easter weekend I was in Florida with Lance and my family. We had an ultrasound done of Ava at 29 weeks. I know most of you have seen pictures from it, but to help me learn how to do this blogging website I am going to post some of my favorites. I think she already looks like Lance. She has his mouth and cheeks. She is so cute already. I am just ready to meet her. I still can't grasp that in a short 9 weeks I am going to be a mommy!!