Monday, July 26, 2010

Pensacola Beach

This past week we got to go to Pensacola Beach because Lance had a business trip. Ava and I took full advantage and hit the beach every day!! We had such a good time!! Of course pawpaw and gigi came to see us for a night since we were so close to them. Here are some of the pictures from our mini vacay!!

More Pictures from the 1 year shoot!

Really trying hard to update the blog for everyone!!
These are more pictures from her 1 year shoot!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ava's is 1!!!!

Happy 1st. Birthday Ava Addison!!
June 24, 2010
I know, I know... I am really slow with the blogging!! We have been a really busy little family, but here are some of the pictures from her big day! I can't believe a year has already come and gone!! Of course I cried all morning on the day of her birthday!! Ava is one amazing little girl! She has forever changed our lives!! We had her party on Saturday the 26. Her GiGi and PawPaw came from Alabama and YaYa and Poppo came from Naples. My parents also bought some family friends with them, Ed and Jayne. They LOVE Ava!! We had such a wonderful day with everyone. Ava got so many presents, it was much worse than Christmas... but that is how its suppose to be!! We are very big on Birthday's in our family!! Ava cake was AWESOME. We had it made in Naples and my parents brought it to us. The lady did a fantastic job. I can only imagine with this child's wedding cake will look like!! We have more pictures I will add this later, I thought they were on the computer already but they are not. Oh well, enjoy these for now!!