Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sew Uniquely U

I finally started my own little business!! Thank you Adair Laney for all your help, you have been wonderful! I am now doing monogram and applique!!! I am having so much with it. Mostly I feature baby and toddler stuff right now. Check out my website if you get a chance.... Thanks for looking and keep checking back!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Home not so Sweet Home...

The week after Christmas Ava and I rode with YaYa and Poppo to Clarksdale. I can not tell you how amazed I was with Ava riding 14 hours in her car seat. God was truly with us!! She did fantastic!! We stayed a week in Clarksdale in my brothers one bed room apartment! I was ready to come home to say the least. It was very fun getting to see lots of old friends though! Ms. Rita and Mr. Gary came over to see us and to meet Ava for the first time. Heather and Jackson came over from Greenville to see us. It was fun to see Ava and Jackson together. They are 6 months apart in age. I wish we lived closer to spend more time with them. Jackson was not sure about Ava being in Heather's lap. He got a little jealous, it was cute. He wanted in Heather's lap too and got right in mommy's face. Aunt Heather gave Ava the cutest outfit and socks for Christmas too. Its lime green with zebra ruffle and cute pink feathery stuff across the chest. I will have to take a picture of it to show.
Jackson, Heather and Ava
We saw lots of Poppo's family while we were there. Aunt Lisa, poppo's sister, was so glad to get to meet Ava. Ava also met mama Young for the first time. While in Clarksdale I also ran into Heather Houston and Kate Dunn it was fun seeing them. Kate and Mason's kids are so cute. They look just like Mason!! I also got to have lunch with my really good friend Kacy and her little girl Ally. I was so glad I got see her. I went and visited with her mom as well. Ms. Kay is always so sweet!! And of course I got to see Merri! I basically had to hog tie her to spend time with me, but that's Merri. Leighton did take me and Merri to the casino one night and got us a suite. It was fun! Free room, free food, free drinks, and I only lost $20 of Leighton's money..LOL! We had a good time. I don't get to spend a lot of time with him so I was glad we had the chance to do something together. I have learned to never say "Never" but I hope I never have to move back to Clarksdale! It was so depressing! I was glad to get back to my bed and my house here.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas at Our House

Christmas Eve Lance and I took Ava to church at St. Anthony's here in Brooksville. The Church was decorated beautiful. Christmas trees everywhere and tons of beautiful red poinsettias all over the alter. Church was so crowded that we sat in the back on folding chairs. Ava was dressed in her red and white plaid dress and looked adorable. She was very good in church as she always is. I hope she continues to get this great behavior as she continues to grow. Christmas Eve night Lance and I grilled out steaks and baked potatoes. Its a tradition in both our families to eat steak on Christmas Eve night so that's what we did. Christmas Morning was quite exciting!! It was Ava's first Christmas. She had no idea what was going on. I would put her presents in her lap and she just wanted to take the bows off and play with it. YaYa and Poppo came up Christmas morning. We were very excited to see them. I had already gotten my present from them which was my monogramming machine, by the way I will be starting soon, so I knew I was not going to have any presents from them. However, when mom and dad got here they were bringing in presents by the car load!! I asked mom what were all the presents for, I thought I already got my gift. She looked at me and said, "These are for Ava". LOL what was I thinking!! She got the cutest big girl pj's from YaYa, they are pink and have little girls all over them. She also got a talking dog from leap frog. The dog will learn Ava's name and teach her how to spell it. The toys these days amaze me!! Ava also got a pink cozy coupe from GiGi and PawPaw to open Christmas morning! Lance had to put it all together, but he did a really good job. She looks so cute when she is playing in it. She loves for me to push her around the living room in it. YaYa also brought up a turkey, dressing, and green bean casserole for Christmas dinner. She fixed everything and it was all so good. Lance and I had a really good Christmas!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas 2oo9 in Gadsden

So sorry it took me so long to update the date, but December was a crazy month for our little family!! Lance and I had a wonderful Christmas! We first spent Christmas with PawPaw and GiGi in Gadsden (Dec 10-13th)! We were so excited to get there. It was Ava's first plane ride and she did so good. Everyone was complementing us on how well she did! When we got off the plane in Birmingham PawPaw and GiGi were waiting on us. Of course they scooped up Ava and loved on her right away!!! The first thing we did once we were in Alabama again was eat at Jim and Nick's!!! Yes, real BBQ!! Lance picked the restaurant of course, but I love it too. We finally made it to Gadsden and PawPaw and GiGi's house was all decorated for Christmas, it was beautiful. GiGi had one of the prettiest Christmas trees I have ever seen. The house looked great!! Thursday morning Lance, Ava and I woke up early, and Lance went and got us Cothran's donuts. They are only the best donuts EVER!! That night we went to Top of the River in Gadsden to eat. Lance and I had been talking about their catfish for months, and we already knew what we wanted to order!! That night was the first time Granny met Ava. Friday Ava and I stayed in... it was so cold and she started teething so bad. She cut her first 2 teeth. She also ended up developing a terrible diaper rash. Saturday morning was Christmas was us!! We opened all our gifts! We got a video recorder, blu-ray player, Lance's got clothes for work, I got scraping stuff and candles, and of course there was a pile of stuff for Ava!!! She has toys and clothes everywhere!! That afternoon we had Christmas dinner with all the fixin's. It was great just being back we had such a wonderful time!! Sunday was a cry fest to say the least!! Its always so sad to leave family! But here they are pictures from Christmas in Gadsden!!