Sunday, October 25, 2009

4 Months Old already!!!!

My Ava turned 4 months old on Saturday!!
This past week we have had some very exciting
"NEWs" We rolled over for the very first time!!
I just clapped and cheered!! It was so great!!
I actually missed it the first time! I was in my bed
room making the bed and heard her fussing and
grunting. I knew she was on her tummy mat and
was just probably ready to get up. I finished making the
bed and I walked into the living room and she had
rolled over... and had fallen asleep, sucking that
thumb of course!! I wanted to wake her so bad
to see if she would do it again, but I didn't!! I called
Lance and was screaming she rolled over and I missed
it!!! So that night when he got home we laid her on her
tummy mat to see if she would do it again! And she did!!
Oh, it was so awesome!! The smallest thing amuse us now!

Here is how I found her after she rolled over!!

Also the same day we tried our first bite
of baby food! It was bananas!! And she
loved them! Since then we have also tried
carrots which she loves also!! Tomorrow
we have our 4M check up. I will up date
her weight and height once I know!!

my Lamb Chop!!

My Little Lamb Chop!!
This is Ava costume for Halloween
I will post more pics after Halloween
night!! Pawpaw and GiGi are coming
for that weekend!!

Lots of Stuff!

Ava and Daddy hanging out!! She loves her daddy!!

Alabama game day!! Yes, Lance and I are a house
divided. However, he has really come around to
us Bama fans! He always pulls for Bama as long
as they are not playing AU. The "Iron Bowel" should
be super FUN this year!! ROLL TIDE!!!

My sweet baby girl!! These are just some
random pictures of her!

Weekend Trip to Naples!!

A weekend in Naples with YaYa and Poppo!!
This was the weekend of the Alabama vs. Arkansas
We watched the game at a friends of my parents
in Naples!! We had such a great time!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Do You Like It?!?!

Here is miss prissy trying her first bite of rice cereal!! She seemed to like it.
She didn't really understand the spoon though. She would take a bite and laugh
and spit it back out at me. We did this several times then she finally got the hang
of it. I feel so very blessed to have such a wonderful happy baby. Ava is so content
most of time. She only cries if she is hungry or sleepy. The child has been sleeping
all night since she was 3 weeks old!! Everyday I look at her and tell her how much
she means to me. God has truely blessed my life. Of course we have our hard times,
but its only making this family stronger. We have had a lot going on this past year,
but we are making it through ALL of it, and have our parents to thank for that. Lance
and I have such wonderful parents! We love you so very very much.

Ava's "news"
1. brings her hands together
2. laughs out loud... its the cutest thing you have
ever heard. YaYa started making her do this!
3. Eating cereal
4. copys my facial expressions
5. holds her head up for several mintues at a time.
6. Is almost rolling over
7. she puts her lips together and blows bubbles
8. growing like a weed.. she is in 6M onesies!