Monday, May 25, 2009

Our 1st Babies!

Well its been a long weekend in the house. I think I must be nesting. I can't seem to stop cleaning. All weekend it rained except for today. Lance and I did get to the beach for a little while. I can't stay long because I get so hot. This weekend Lance really helped me out with the cleaning. We vacuumed, swept the floors, and gave all the dogs baths. I am still washing Ava's clothes a little at a time.

Here we are at the beach today.

Anyway, the whole reason I was posting an entry today was to show you our first babies. My mom looked at our blog for the first time the other night and said, "you need to put the dogs on the blog or someone will think you have a lot of children." I just laughed!! But she is right I have been meaning to put them on here. After all, once Ava gets here I doubt they will get any blog time at all! As most of you know my family is a little obsessed with weinie-dogs!! Ever since Ms. Rita introduced our family to them we have always had one. My parents currently have 2 of them (Scarlett & Gunter) and Lance and I have 2 also (Ben & Brady). Ben and Brady are mama's boys for sure. Ben is more like my shadow. I have had him the longest. He is almost 4 now. Brady is our double-dapple wenie. He is a mess... always pushing his limits. Brady is two. And lastly but surely not the least we have Cali. She is our 70lb. golden retriever and she is only a year old. She has a complex, she thinks she is a weinie too!! She doesn't understand why she doesn't fit in our laps like Ben and Brady do. Lance kept bugging me about getting a "real" dog. Ben and Brady are to small for him. He wanted a rottweiler and I told him no way... that it would eat the weinie's. He settled for a golden instead. She is sweet girl and so loving. So finally here are the pictures of rest of the Lockridge family.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ava Pancakes!!!

This was just too sweet not to share! Lance and I have started a tradition, on Sunday mornings we make pancakes. We call it "Pancake Sunday"... not really a stretch, I know. Anyway, this morning I was checking my email and Lance was making the pancakes. He totally surprised me... look at those cute "AVA" pancakes. Sometimes he can be so sweet..LOL!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Lance has started playing softball again this season in Florida. His hospital, Brooksville Regional, has a team. He loves the game!! He plays 3rd base and I believe is 1st to bat on the roster. I did not get to see him play in his first game because I was still living in Alabama. He did very good. He was 4 for 4 at bat with 4 RBI's. He hit a triple, a double, and 2 singles and scored all 4 times!! His 2nd game he did not get to play in because he was home in Alabama for the weekend. His team is 2-1 for the season so far. They lost the 3rd game which I was at to see him play. He played very well, they should have won but lost by a run in the bottom of the 9th. Here are some pictures of him playing.

Lance playing 3rd

Up to bat!

Run Lance Run!!!

It's a Pop-fly.. who's got it?

Graduation 5.5.2009

I got the camera cord today so I'm in business!! Here are some pictures from the night of graduation. My very supportive parents came up from Naples, Florida and celebrate with me. Also, my mother in-law came to watch too. Mr Barry had to work and could not be with us. Lance of course was not with us either, he had already flown back to Florida. He had to be at work with his new CFO starting.


1st Pic- Me and Ms. Stephanie, she was very proud of me! 2nd Pic- Mrs. Tice handing my degree! 3rd Pic- Graduation Class of 2009! 4th Pic- Me and Matt, a very good friend of mine all the way through school!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hello all!! So sorry it has been forever since I updated the blog. I lost my camera cord and can not put pictures up right now. But not to worry my wonderful father in-law is mailing me an extra cord today so pictures will be up soon. Since the last post I GRADUATED again!! YAY for me!! I just came to Florida a few weeks ago to finally join Lance. I have to say I am pretty bored during the day! The first weekend here we traveled to Naples to see my parents. It's so nice only being 3 hours from my mom as apposed to 12 hours. We just enjoyed the weekend poolside and BBQed. I will post a few pictures later from the weekend. Also, I am going to post some graduation pictures as well. I very excited to have school behind me. I just hope and pray I can find a job come September.
My Ben-man and Lance enjoying this HOT
Florida weather!!
Today I had my 35 week doctor check up. Everything is great!!! She is still being very active everyday. I know soon I am not going to have any room for her to move. Sleeping has become terrible, as in I don't sleep well at all. I toss and turn all night long, Lance never even knows...LOL! Most days I find myself taking a nap. I am really trying to rest as much as possible as everyone is telling me to do so. Only 5 weeks left and we will have a new baby!! I still just can not believe it! I know my mom and Ms. Stephanie are getting so excited too, I can hear it in their voices! I start going to the doctor every week now. I don't think she is coming early and my doctor does not seem to think so either. We have scheduled a c-section for June 24th at 7:45am. With my pelvis being to small they don't think I will be able to push her out. They(the doctors) told me the whole time to think c-section. I think I mentally prepared for it. I have been talking to my cousin Heather a lot about it, and reading a lot about it. Well sorry so long and boring but I promise to have pictures up soon. Oh and I will make sure to put pictures of Ava's room up, its totally finished. The letters my mom got her look great over her bed.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ava's Baby Shower

Yesterday my mother-in-law gave me a baby shower. It turned out amazing. Four of my friends from school came (Jessica, Brooke, Brittany, and Heather). Jessica brought me the cutest cake to the shower. Everyone loved it so much we didn't want to cut into it, but of course we did! Ms. Stephanie really out did herself. Every thing was so wonderful. The food was great and the decorations were too cute. Mr. Barry's aunt Darlene (who I love!!!) and his cousin Kristy got to come over from Atlanta. I had not seen them since the wedding so it was a great surprise! My mama, Ya-Ya, and Ms. Stephanie, Gi- Gi,gave Ava like 10 to 12 presents each!! They of course went way over board... but Ava and I didn't mind one bit ;) Aunt K-K and Aunt Cindy came to the shower also. They both are so sweet and both gave Ava some fantastic presents. Everyone that came really out did themselves!! Lance and I are so very thankful that we have such great and loving families. Lance was back in Bama for the weekend and had a great time. He was glad he got to see some of the Atlanta crew and hang out with his dad and brother. They had a lot of fun going to the shooting range and Friday. Saturday Lance and his dad were going to play golf but of course it rained so they could not go. Instead they went and had wings and beer, while the girls did the baby shower thing. Lance could not believe all the stuff we got. He said he was going to have to rent me a U-Haul to get it all back to Florida. We did get a lot of presents. I feel so very blessed!!! Tuesday is my pinning for graduation and then I am leaving Florida. I have so much to do once I arrive home. I can not believe in a short 8 weeks my angel will be here! Here are some of the pictures from baby shower.