Thursday, April 15, 2010

Family Photoshoot

We finally had family pictures taken!! Of course Ava did sooo good as always. I think they turned out really great. We love our photographer! She does amazing shots! She will be the only thing I will miss about Brooksville!! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ava Updates!!

Just a few quick Ava updates for everyone who follows our blog!! Weight: not really sure about 20lbs at least! LOL Height: who knows ?? I think she is going to be taller like Lance. New Discoveries: Everything.. LOL!! She has been crawling now for about a month now. She is pulling up on everything an walks along the side of things. She has 7 teeth.. and LOVES Gerber puffs and she would rather feed herself than me feed her! She says "ma-ma" and "da-da". She loves music and dancing!!! She is very good at imitating you, sounds or facial expressions, and bath time is our Favorite time!!

Easter Weekend part 2: Sea World Orlando!!!

Sea World Orlando!!!
The day was unbelievable!! We had a blast!! We took more pictures these are just from GiGi camera. We saw the "believe" show, we saw sing rays, dolphins, sea lions... etc!! It was so awesome. Ava absolutely loved Shamu!! Lance and I bought a huge one, you will see it in the pictures below, and she laughed and squealed all day at that thing! I have never seen her act like this before!! I had no idea she would love it so much. She was such a trooper and did great all day. She is such a people person she smiled at everyone!! We all had a fantastic time! Thank you PawPaw and GiGi for a wonderful trip and Easter Weekend!!!

Easter Weekend 2010 part 1

Well it had been 4 months since we had seen PawPaw and GiGi and they finally got here. We had a very special Easter weekend with them!! We were all so excited to see them, and uncle Matt made the trip too! They got here on Tuesday night and left us after lunch on Easter. We had such a great time as always! Friday Lance got off from work so we headed to Clearwater Beach and oh my Gosh was it crowded!!!!... that's really an understatement!! But, we were glad to be there in laying in the summer! We had a good day!! Here are some of the pictures that we took. They are more pictures of Lance and I but we are not exactly beach body ready yet... LOL!! We are getting there! There are also just some random pictures of Ava! PawPaw and GiGi we love you!!! Come back soon!!

Easter Pictures/9 Month Pictures

Here are Ava's Easter Pictures!! My photographer here does such an awesome job.
She will be the only thing I miss about this town!! Of course Ava was a ham on the
day of the pictures, she would not smile for anything!! She did love the bunny though.